SPDL Release: Open Letter to Celebrities


Open Letter to Celebrities

As everyone knows, Scientology has more than its share of celebrities. The Scientology cult also has more than its share of victims. But the cult’s victims have no celebrities. The Suppressive Person Defense League is seeking a few good celebrities who are willing to stand up and speak out for Scientology’s victims.

Scientology and Scientologists victimize people in compliance with what is known as the “Suppressive Person” doctrine, an idea and system concocted by cult founder L. Ron Hubbard and inculcated in his followers. This terrible doctrine, reminiscent of master race eugenics of the early twentieth century, states that the most evil two and a half percent of the people on earth comprise a class of citizens called “Suppressive Persons” or “SPs,” that these SPs are the truly psychotic, completely destructive, and the cause of all illness, accidents and crime, in fact they are the “one thing wrong with this universe.” The SP doctrine states that Suppressive Persons cannot be helped, that their evil condition is irreversible, that they should be given no human rights, and that they are to be isolated, vilified, attacked and destroyed.

Scientology claims that the SP doctrine is completely scientific and developed through decades of scientific research, which is also grimly reminiscent of what the master race eugenicists claimed. The Suppressive Person doctrine proclaims that Scientology and Scientologists alone possess the “technology” to immediately and accurately identify SPs, and to shatter them. As is well known, the Scientologists are madly trying to eradicate psychiatry and take over the whole mental health field. What the Scientologists will replace existing mental science with is their SP doctrine and their “technology” of SP identification and shattering.

The Suppressive Person doctrine states that Scientology raises IQs, cures illness, has the answers to all humanity’s problems, and is mankind’s only system that works and only hope. The doctrine also states that the only thing preventing Scientology from achieving its glorious goals are Suppressive Persons, and that SPs oppose Scientology for the very reason that it does do all the wonderful things it promises to do. Indeed, according to the SP doctrine, the SPs’ opposition to Scientology is not only proof that SPs are evil, but also proof that Scientology works. In truth, Scientology does not work as it claims, and the persons that Scientology victimizes as SPs are largely good, loving, ordinary people who simply recognize and criticize the cult’s fraud and antisocial policies such as the Suppressive Person doctrine by which they are victimized.

Scientology’s shattering of the good people who comprise SPs, which treatment Hubbard dubbed “Fair Game,” has been condemned in many court decisions and criticized in the media. In one of his directives, which is sometimes called the “Fair Game Policy,” Hubbard stated:

ENEMY — SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.1

In another directive, expanding on Fair Game “battle tactics” Scientology was to employ against SPs, the good people that the cult victimized and sought to destroy, Hubbard ordered that his Scientologists troops were to raid and harass SPs, to cut off their communications, funds and connections, to deprive them of their political advantages, connections and power, to wage a war of total attrition on SPs and treat all skirmishes with SPs as war, to capture and use their communication lines, to take over their territory, to use standard wartime propaganda against them, to degrade SPs’ images to beast level, to bring public opinion to a frenzy of hate against them, and to go all the way in and obliterate them.2

These shocking and criminal tactics against good people that Scientology targets for victimization and destruction continue to be the cult’s policy and practice to this day.

Scientology’s celebrities all embrace and support the pernicious “Suppressive Person” doctrine. It is clearly quite empowering to these celebrities to have a class of people, the SPs, to blame for all their illnesses and problems, and to target as the only “enemies” that stand in the way of Scientology attaining its aims. It is nice for Scientology’s celebs to have good and decent people, the SPs, to hate, denigrate and obliterate, because these people have no organization and no malevolent intention comparable to the Scientologists to harm anyone, or to even fight back. SPs are utter and innocent victims, and Scientology’s celebrities are their most prominent persecutors.

Scientology coddles and strokes its celebrities, even operates “Celebrity Centres” where celebs train with other celebs in the Suppressive Person doctrine. It is impossible that Scientology’s celebs do not know of the hate being generated inside the cult against people viewed as SPs, or of the war being waged against SPs, because the Scientologists’ “wins” in the war are celebrated in endless Scientology rallies and anti-SP publications. Scientology’s celebrities celebrate the same “wins” in the same war on the same good people that the Scientology leaders designate as the SP doctrine’s necessary victims. These leaders, under the supreme leader David Miscavige, who seized control of Scientology in a putsch right after Hubbard’s death in 1986, use the doctrine to focus, organize, train and mobilize Scientologists for their war.

There is an obvious attraction to Scientology’s celebrities to be part of a war effort, to raise money for the war, to give money, to provide their talent and connections, to lobby, to woo politicians, to comfortably and securely share the camaraderie of being combatants in this war against the SPs. The celebs use their fame and connections to promote the cult’s front groups, and to divert attention away from the SP doctrine, Fair Game, organization wide abuses, fraud and other criminal practices. It is extremely difficult for Scientology’s celebs to ever speak up for the victims their organization makes and destroys, because the celebs know that pursuant to the Suppressive Person doctrine they will, by speaking up, become the cult’s victims themselves. Any Scientologist, celebrities included, who so much as “gives credence” to a Suppressive Person is guilty of a “High Crime”3 and can be declared an SP, and, according to the opportunities that exist or can be manufactured, that SP is Fair Game.

The Suppressive Person Defense League seeks to end Scientology’s unholy and unjust war on SPs. SPDL works to expose, elucidate and eliminate the SP Doctrine, and to defend SPs who are targets and victims of that doctrine as long Scientologists teach and practice it, and as long as they wage their war. We oppose any effort by Scientology to deny SPs any rights or privileges secured to any citizens by national constitutions or laws or by international human rights declarations. We will appeal to reason, to conscience and to law to stop the identification of people as Suppressive Persons and end their defamation and obliteration.

The SPDL is seeking any celebrity who is willing to speak up for Scientology’s victims. Any such celebrity must be very courageous, because he or she will be victimized by Scientology and Scientologists, including by its celebrities. Celebrities who stand up for targets of the Suppressive Person doctrine, or criticize that doctrine, will be Fair Game. They will be raided and harassed, and a cruel, attritional overt and covert campaign will be conducted to cut off their communications, funds, connections, political advantages and power. Scientology’s troops, including its celebrities, will wage a ceaseless war, as Scientology “scriptures” dictate, against any celebrities who stand up to them or oppose them in any way. The Scientologists will seek to capture and use their communication lines, to take over their territory, to bring the public to a frenzy of hate against them, and to go all the way in and obliterate them.

If you are a celeb, and you could accept being threatened, ruined and harmed or worse if you use your celebrity for a global and vital cause, then speaking up for Scientology’s victims could be the cause for you. Speaking up intelligently for Suppressive Persons is an intellectually demanding undertaking that will require significant time dedicated to study the history, nature, aims, policies, practices and personnel of the Scientology movement and organization. Speaking up for SPs pays nothing, but it’s also free. If you are a celebrity without a cause, but with a brain, a heart and a neck, seriously consider Scientology’s victims.

Gerry Armstrong
Suppressive Person Defense League


Gerry Armstrong4, co-founder of the Suppressive Person Defense League, has been a declared SP for twenty-two years. Throughout those years, Scientology personnel and agents in application of the Suppressive Person Doctrine have assaulted him multiple times, ran into him bodily with a car, terrorized him on a highway in California and the autobahn in Germany, threatened to put a bullet between his eyes, attempted on numerous occasions to have him prosecuted and jailed on false charges and manufactured evidence, sued him six times, carried out a global black propaganda campaign against him, forced him into bankruptcy, ran covert intelligence operations against him, drove him from his home, and executed countless other Fair Game attacks on him. He maintains a web site that documents his years as a constant target of Scientology’s victimization machine. http://www.gerryarmstrong.org

Legendary independent publisher Lyle Stuart’s Barricade Books,5 which published two earlier authoritative biographies of Hubbard, A Piece of Blue Sky, by Jonathan Atack, and Messiah or Madman by Bent Corydon, has recently purchased Armstrong’s manuscript Gagged 6 for publication.

Armstrong is in Chilliwack, British Columbia working on his second major book he calls SP.




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SPDL Note: Hubbard and The Criminal Mind

The evidence is clear and conclusive: Mr. Hubbard is a charlatan and worse as are his wife Mary Sue Hubbard (she has been convicted of criminal offences in the United States in connection with Scientology and imprisoned) and the clique at the top privy to the Cult’s activities.”—  Justice Latey, The Latey Decision 1

SPDL Note:  Can there be any doubt that L. Ron Hubbard was talking about his own criminal mind, and that he knew that he was guilty of the very crimes that he was accusing Suppressive Persons of committing?

Can there be any doubt that David Miscavige and his regime are continuing to project their criminality and criminal minds onto their victims, innocent people they beastify and fair game as SPs?

Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex




“Definition: A criminal is one who is motivated by evil intentions and who has committed so many harmful overt acts that he considers such activities ordinary.

There is a datum of value in detecting overts and withholds in criminal individuals:



The FBI agent or executive accuses others of graft and even sets up ” abscams” to manufacture the crime. But an FBI agent regularly pockets money supposed to be paid to informers and then screams to protect informer sources that do not exist.

The FBI agent is terrified of being infiltrated and accuses others of it when, as standard practice, he infiltrates groups, manufactures evidence and then gets others charged for crimes his own plants have committed.

The FBI acts like a terrorist group posing as law enforcement officers. Their targets seem to be legislators and Congress and public individuals who might someday have power over public opinion, such as Martin Luther King, Jr.

From all this we get another datum:


You have to be very alert when criminals are around.


Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists and the government form a tight clique. Only the government would support such people as the public hates them.

From all this we get another datum:



Apparently they add it up this way: “If I accuse him of robbing, then it would be assumed by others that I have not robbed a bank.” By loudly voicing a condemnation of a crime, the criminal, with a crooked think, supposes people will now suppose he is above bank robbery and won’t suspect him.


It is inconceivable to the criminal that anyone could possibly be decent or honest or do a selfless act. It would do no good whatever to try to convince him, for he knows all men are like himself.

Thus one gets another datum of value:


One of the reasons he does this, of course, is to justify injuring others. Because everyone else is useless, worthless, criminal, an animal and insane, why then, he reasons, it is perfectly all right to injure them.

The criminal mind is a bitter and unsavory subject. The percentage of criminals is relatively small but the majority of grief and turmoil in the world caused by criminals is a majority percent. Thus, the criminal mind is a subject one cannot avoid in research as it is a major factor in the distortion of a culture.

It is a mind like any other mind but it has gone wrong. It is motivated by evil intentions which, even if idiotic, are greater than the possessor’s ability to reason. The criminal, even when he seems most clever, is really very, very stupid. The evil intentions get dramatized by senseless overt acts which are then withheld, and the final result is a person who is more dead than alive and who faces a future so agonizing that any person would shudder at it.




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  1. Insert with The Auditor Issue 295 (2001 CSI)
  2. * Scientology’s main events are recorded live and broadcast to the various organizations around the world. This event actually takes place onboard Scientology’s cruise ship Freewinds.

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